Enjoy Big Screen Entertainment with Rokkr Windows

Enjoy Big Screen Entertainment with Rokkr Windows


With the right video streaming app, you can watch anything that you want from anywhere in the world. Rokkr is an entertainment app that offers an amazing selection of movies and TV shows. There are also plenty of local channels and football fans can have their time well spent with some quality channels. Rokkr is mainly an app for mobiles and tablets but a Rokkr Windows version is also available. If you are looking for something fun to do on your computer, this is the perfect option.


Rokkr for Windows PC is the perfect app for Windows PC users looking to watch videos online. It works as a video streaming entertainment app that offers trendy, latest content from the entertainment industry. With this easy-to-use app, you can get access to all of your favorite shows, movies, music videos, and TV series in one place.

Key Features of Rokkr App

Before diving into the details of Rokkr Windows PC download, let’s look into the key features of this app.

  • Access to favorite shows, movies, music videos, and TV series in one place.
  • Fast servers and buffer-free streaming.
  • An integrated search engine for playing content from URLs.
  • Search, quick links, and add to favorite options.
  • Operates in multiple languages.
  • Free of charge with no monthly fee required.

Rokkr is a great alternative to other entertainment apps that are outdated and don’t have so much content variation. Its user-friendly interface and attractive features have made it highly popular among end-users.

How to Download Rokkr for Windows 7 or 10

If you are a Windows PC user, then you have probably been looking for a video streaming entertainment app that is compatible with your operating system. Well, look no further! Rokkr is here with all its delightful features.

For Rokkr Windows 32 bit download or 64 bit download, there are two ways:

  • Downloading the Rokkr setup file from the official website
  • Using an Android emulator to install the app from the Google Play store

1) Downloading From the Official Website

You can download the Windows setup file from the official Rokkr website and install it on your PC. The process is just like any other software installation. Do double tap on the .exe file and follow the instructions.


After the installation, run the software (the icon should be on the Desktop or Start Menu). Enter the bundle URL in the integrated browser and sit back. Find your desired content from the media browser and enjoy.

One problem with this option is you will only get access to the basic plan. For the premium subscription, you have to purchase it with a yearly fee. If you want to get the premium streaming option for free, follow the second option.

2) Using an Android Emulator

You can get Rokkr download Windows 10 32 bit or 64 bit by using an Android emulator. The app is basically designed for the Android OS. To run it on a PC that uses a Windows OS, you will need to set up an Android platform. Here comes the emulator.


An emulator is software that allows you to run Android apps on your computer. It creates an Android OS on your PC for hosting and running Android apps. The most popular emulators are BlueStacks and BigNox. You can use any of them to run not only Rokkr but any Android app.

The complete setup process takes two steps: installing the emulator and then the Rokkr app.

Emulator Installation

Go to the official website of BlueStacks or BigNox and download the emulator file. There should be a .exe file in the downloaded pack. Double tapping on it will start the installation process. It’s a quite straightforward process. Just follow the instructions to finish the installation.


When it’s done, you will need to set up a Google account in the emulator. Do that by following these steps:

  1. From the settings, click on the “Accounts & sync”, which will show a list of accounts. However, this section will be empty now as the emulator software does not have an account by default.
  2. Choose the “Add Account” option from the bottom of that section. It will show two choices: Corporate and Email. Select the first one and then enter the Google email address and password in the designated fields.
  3. In the next step, change the Domain/Username to your Google email address. Also, use “m.google.com” in the Server field. Hitting on “Next” will present you with several options. You can select or deselect them according to your preferences but the default options are fine too.
  4. Then, you will get an option to change the name of the account. Enter the name that you want to use and hit “Next.” The setup is done!

Rokkr Windows Installation

To set the Rokkr app in your Windows PC, run the emulator and log in with the Google account. The Google Play store should be on the dashboard. If you are using BlueStacks, the Play store will be in the “System Apps.” Find the Rokkr app and simply click on the app icon for installation. When the process is complete, find the app from the “Apps” section of the emulator. Run it from there and enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and sports.

If you want the Rokkr premium version, download the apk file from a trusted site. Install the file by using the emulator and then watch unlimited premium content.

Remember that you cannot run the Rokkr app directly from the PC. You have to launch it from the emulator software.


Rokkr offers easy and quick streaming of videos for entertainment purposes. The installation process is quite easy as well. If you can set up the emulator correctly, the Rokkr Windows installation will then take only a few minutes.

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