Everything You Need to Know About Rokkr URL Bundles

Everything You Need to Know About Rokkr URL Bundles

Video streaming platforms change the way you watch video content on your phone and tablet. No more downloading the content first, which is time-consuming and takes up space on your device. Rokkr changes that by streaming videos right from the source without any downloading necessary! The app lets you stream video content from all your favorite channels. It’s like Netflix, but better because it’s completely free. However, you will need the Rokkr URL to get access to the content and Live TVs.


Rokkr app lets you watch popular and trending shows on-demand at any time in full HD quality for free. Choose what to watch next with personalized tabs. Also, you can search through our growing library of TV shows and movies by genre or release date. In a word, the app promises and delivers full entertainment. However, the app itself does not have any content; you will need Rokkr URL codes for adding them to the dashboard.

Let’s find out what a Rokkr URL code is and how to add that to the app.

What Is a Rokkr URL?

The people behind Rokkr market it as the ultimate multimedia platform with unlimited entertainment options. After installation, it does a great job at streaming server-uploaded video content and live TV from almost any device.

Rokkr is almost like Kodi but instead of add-ons, you will need to use a Rokkr website or app URL code to pull in content. The app will then stream directly from that URL. In other words, the app does not have a curated content library. Instead, it relies on a couple of external URL bundles, which are free of cost and give access to literally hundreds of brand new movies and TV series.


You will need to install the URL for Rokkr app separately. In fact, these are separate servers to which the app connects after you install a bundle. The content on those servers is then linked up to the app dashboard, from where you can play them directly.

The type of content you get depends on the URL bundle you download and your location. The quality of the content is always great irrespective of other factors.

Rokkr Bundle URL Liste 2021

Finding a Rokkr URL list that you can add to the app is difficult. A google search won’t produce anything significant. Not knowing what you are looking for won’t produce anything fruitful. So, here is a list of some URLs you can use in the app. No more spending hours searching online!

oha.to: This is probably the most used bundle by the users. It has a vast collection of live channels and other video content.

huhu.to: This is probably the Rokkr best URL as it’s supposedly maintained by the developers of the app. The server is similar to oha.to and you can use this if oha is down for any reason.


TED and Mediathek bundles: Go to the “Settings” menu of the app if you want to activate this bundle. Choose them if you are interested in TED Talks or Mediatheks content. The latter one is a German server that contains TV shows, documentaries, movies, live streams, and many other items in the German language.

Search on Reddit: There is a Reddit community for the Rokkr app. If you need more bundles, just join the sub-Reddit and ask your fellow Redditors. There should also be a post with links to plenty of active URL bundles.

Like all servers, these ones may also stay down from time to time. If one is suffering downtime, you just need to switch to another one.

Rokkr URL Download and Adding to the Dashboard

The app does not have any of its own content. The display will be empty when you first install it. You will need to add one of the servers mentioned above to watch anything.


Follow these steps for adding a server URL:

  • After opening the Rokkr app for the first time, you will see a message asking you to add a media URL.
  • Click on the “Manager” option and you will get an empty field to enter the URL. Insert a bundle link there, like huhu.to or oha.to, and tap on “Continue”.
  • It may take a few minutes to establish the connection to the server. When it’s done, you will be redirected to the dashboard automatically. There you will see all the available content.
  • After adding a bundle, the dashboard will look like any streaming platform. Just tap on a title and it will start playing. You can also use the “Search” box to get the title you are looking for.
  • If you want, you can add more than one server to enjoy loads of content.

Rokkr app will be a good choice for anyone who watches lots of TV and films. There’s no need to constantly search the web or find a paid service like Netflix when you can just add a URL bundle instead. Being available on both iOS and Android devices, it can fulfill all your entertainment needs

What You Can Get from Rokkr Bundles

Well, a Rokkr URL bundle does not come with a plethora of features. Since it’s a streaming app, the bundles bring what you would expect from such a platform — lots and lots of video content along with local channels, live TVs, and sports channels.

The bundles don’t take up any storage space on your device or don’t clutter the media player. It’s because they just provide links to the content uploaded on a remote server.

The app by default has some features that make your watching experience more enjoyable. You can create a “Favorite” list, resume playback, share with friends what you are watching. Also, the “subtitle” option could come with some servers, which is useful for people watching content in another language.


Rokkr is a platform where you can stream anything from concerts to your favorite series. It also has original series for you to get hooked on. Through Rokkr URL bundles, the app offers lots of variety in content for different tastes and interests, so all users have something they can enjoy. This is the best way to go if you want to watch a show that isn’t available through your cable subscription.

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